History of Tournament Name and Trophy

1962 Tournament Bulletin

Dear Friends of Princeton Tennis;

1962 marks the 50th anniversary of the Princeton Tennis Tournament. It, therefore, seems particularly fitting this year to honor the memory of Chandler Bullock who from the beginning has contributed so much to the continuation of this annual event.

On the front of this program is a photograph of the Chandler Bullock Memorial Tennis Trophy to be presented annually to the winners of the tournament. Their names will be inscribed on the pedestal beneath the trophy. This large cup will be on permanent display in the Princeton Library. Small replicas will be presented to winner for them to keep.

To establish the permanent and individual trophies, the Chandler Bullock Memorial Tennis Fund has been organized. It is hoped that the fund will grow in size over the years so that it may contribute in other ways to the furtherance of Princeton tennis. A large portion of the $1500 minimum required to start this Memorial and provide an adequate income has already been donated by a group of Mr. Bullock’s close friends. The purpose of this letter is to inform all of his friends of the existence of the fund and to give them (you) the opportunity to contribute. Any person wishing to contribute may make out a pledge to the Chandler Bullock Memorial Fund, or donate in cash. These may be mailed (to the Town Hall) or given to any one of the Tennis Committee members listed below.

On behalf of the Chandler Bullock Memorial and of Princeton tennis, we thank you very much. We hope you enjoy the 1962 Tournament.

Carl R. Apthorp, Kenneth L. Bice, William W. Claghorn, Edward D. Densmore, William P. Densmore, Daniel Hart, Martin J. Shaughnessy, Everett P. Webster, Merritt H. Woodward.

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