Food & Social Events


Saturday Sept. 2 at the Pine Hill Club:

The practice of providing pre-made and individually wrapped sandwiches on Saturday Only is catching on as a new tradition. Come hang out for lunch at the Pine Hill Club or “grab ‘n go” from 11:00-1:30 (while supplies last).

  • New for this year if your last name starts with A-L, please bring a dessert to the luncheon on Saturday.

Sunday Sept. 3 at the Pine Hill Club:

No lunch will be served; however, members and guests are encouraged to order from local vendors or bring their own picnic. A drink station and dessert table will be set up. 

  • If your last name begins with M-Z, please bring a dessert on Sunday (desserts & lemonade will be available on Sunday 11:00-1:30).

Social Events

  • Reviving an old tradition Saturday night 6-8 pm at Pine Hill Club we’ll have an informal social gathering. Bring Your Own Beverage and an Appetizer to share.
  • Come out and enjoy an evening of square dancing on Sunday, September 3! This wonderful family-friendly activity will be held at Krashes Field on the basketball court from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, all ages are welcome. Callers will be Tony and Beth Parkes. No experience is necessary, if you haven’t square danced before you’ll quickly learn as you go under the guidance of the callers. This event is free to all, sponsored by Pine Hill Club and Princeton Tennis Club.

Helpers Needed!

  • Please reach out to Mel Dolan (617-968-1801 or [email protected]) or Ruth Crowley (978-340-1075 or [email protected]) if you can help with:
    • set up/monitoring of sandwich stations/clean-up on Saturday from 10:30-2pm (any half hour/hour shift is welcome!)
    • moving chairs from Prince of Peace church on Friday afternoon around 4 and returning them on Monday morning
    • Helping unload chairs & set up tables at Pine Hill Club around 4pm Friday