2023 Labor Day Tennis Tournament Rules and Etiquette

  1. Many of the courts used for the tournament are private courts. Some court owners have asked that players and spectators abide by rules they have provided while on their property.  Please check and abide by the rules for each court in effect at the time of the tournament (which will be posted on the website) before playing there, and encourage friends and family who may wish to watch your matches to do the same.
  2. Private courts that are made available for tournament use are to be used only during scheduled match times. Do not use these courts at other times unless you have obtained specific permission of the court owner(s).
  3. The tournament is a random draw Players who have been finalists over the past three years that the tournament was played will not be paired together.  In addition, every effort will be made to not pair players with the same partner going back three years.  Immediate family members will not be paired together.
  4. If you must default before the start of the tournament, immediately contact the committee chairperson, Dale Stafford (978-868-0344). If you are signed up for two draws, you must withdraw from both.
  5. If you did not sign up for the tournament but want to be wait-listed, you must sign up for the wait-list via the website after tournament registration has closed.
  6. Each player is responsible for finding out who their partner is and where and when they are playing. The committee does not contact each player with the pairings.  The draw will be posted on our website (www.labordaytennis.com).
  7. Players should plan to arrive courtside 10 minutes before the match time. Please do not arrive at private courts any earlier than that.  Racquet Spin to determine serve/side should be done prior to warm-up.  The team winning the spin may decide one of the following:
    1. to serve or receive;
    2. which side of the court to begin play on; or
    3. to defer to the other team.

In case of deferral, the other team will make a selection from option 1 or option 2.  The winning team then makes the final remaining choice.

  1. There is a 10 minute warm-up period and warm-up serves should be taken before play begins. Once play begins, there will be no further warm-up and no first-serve-in points.
  2. Match play will be governed by the USTA publication “Friend at Court”.
  3. First round matches may be played at an earlier, more convenient time if ALL players agree, if a court is available, and if it is approved by the committee chairperson to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  4. Each team MUST bring a new can of balls to each match. For matches that are played as scheduled on outdoor courts in Princeton, the balls should be clay-court balls (usually marked “regular-duty felt”).  For matches played indoors because of weather issues, hard-court balls are acceptable.  The winning team takes the second can of new balls to their next match, and the losing team keeps the used balls.
  5. The best 2 out of 3 standard sets are played. Use a 12 point (first to 7 by 2) tie breaker at a set score of 6-6.  It is not acceptable to play a match tie breaker in lieu of a third set after splitting the first two sets unless a committee member determines this exception should be made.
  6. It is extremely inconsiderate to be late for a match. A 15 minute default rule will be applied when appropriate.  Some extended matches may run late, therefore players are allowed fifteen minutes of rest or travel time before starting the next match.  If your match is extended beyond your next scheduled match, every effort should be made to contact your partner and the opposing team. 
  7. In the event of rain, it may be necessary to go to an indoor court facility. Players will be responsible for court fees (if applicable).  Any necessary indoor play will be on hard courts at NETC/Orchard Hills.  It may be necessary to play a modified format, such as pro sets, if the matches become extremely backed up.  The format used will be decided by the Committee.
  8. This is a social, family-sanctioned tournament. Please refrain from abusive language and behavior as it will not be tolerated.
  9. It is expected that all players honor the code of sportsmanship and with that, treat all participants and spectators with dignity and respect.
  10. Players make their own line calls. The team on the side of the net where the ball lands makes the call.  If the two team members cannot agree on the call, the other team wins the point.  If the team not making the call has doubts, they may politely ask their opponents if they are certain or to check the mark.  It is not acceptable to have extended arguments over calls.  Everyone should assume that all players are doing their best to make calls in good faith.
  11. Order of final matches on Labor Day is determined once the teams playing in the finals are decided. Match times for finals listed on the draws are placeholders only, and are subject to change.  All finalists should be prepared to play in any of the allotted time slots, or even earlier than the traditional 10:00 AM start time in case of weather issues.

*** Please check our website, www.labordaytennis.com, for any changes and announcements during the tournament ***

Tournament Committee:

Dale Stafford (Chairperson), Terry Hart, Melissa Goodnow, Rusty Sampson, Larry Sigler, Helga Lilley