2023 Chandler Bullock Tennis Tournament Updates

Monday, Sept. 4, 2023: What a glorious day we had for the finals! There were three close matches, with two of them going to a deciding third set. Here are the results:

  • Women’s: Tammy Sheehy & Helga Lilley def. Ronel Willemse & Julie O’Connor
  • Men’s: Max Gobi & Dave Cranford def. Chris Sampson & Rich Granger
  • Mixed: Chris Sampson & Melissa Goodnow def. Alex Samoiloff & Ronel Willemse

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their financial support. They are making it possible for us to carry on our beloved tradition, free of charge to all participants. Once again, we’ve made a lot of wonderful memories that will carry us through to next year.