2023 Labor Day Sponsors

Thank You Sponsors

How to Become a Sponsor

In order to streamline the process of accepting donations and spending the resulting funds in association with the Chandler Bullock Memorial Labor Day Tennis Tournament, the Committee has made some changes this year.  None of these changes will affect the way the tournament is run, but they will make its administration less cumbersome for the committee.

We have formed a non-profit corporation (a 501(c)(3), for those of you interested in the technicalities) called Princeton Labor Day Committee Inc.  Donations to this type of non-profit are tax deductible.  In conjunction with the new non-profit, we have opened a bank account for deposit and disbursement of funds. 

Until now, committee members have paid for tournament expenses from their personal funds and applied to the town for reimbursement from the Chandler Bullock Fund.  Expenses typically include items like trophies, website hosting, and calcium chloride.  The reimbursement process was often lengthy and fraught with issues.  In practical terms, this new approach means that the committee will be able to pay expenses directly from the committee-controlled account.

Going forward, we ask all who wish to contribute to our wonderful town tradition to make their checks out to Princeton Labor Day Committee Inc. (rather than to the Chandler Bullock Fund as in the past).  If mailing a check, please send it to:

  • Princeton Labor Day Committee, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 58
  • Princeton, MA  01541

If you have questions about sponsoring the tournament, please contact Terry Hart.  In order to have your sponsorship shown here, please send your business contact information or a copy of your business card to Bud Brooks (bbrooks3118@gmail.com).  Note that anonymous donations are also welcome!

Thank you all for your support.  We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s tournament!

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